Sue Whitmore

Crimes of Violets
Poet and Pedant

Roses aren't red - only some of them,
and violets really aren't blue;
they are purple or mauve,
(they even have their own place
on the spectrum);
not much rhymes with 'mauve' or 'purple'.

Sugar is sweet
but rots your teeth and makes you fat;
love can sometimes do this -
particularly if your lover
gives you chocolates or babies
or wines and dines you too well.

Anyway, you're not sweet -
quite cantankerous and contrasuggestible, in fact;
if you were sweet
I would probably find you boring.

Some roses are red;
violets are not blue, but mauve;
sugar is sweet - but bad for you -
and you, although not sweet,
are good for me -
and 'mauve' almost rhymes with 'love'.